“Unremarkably Sturdy Uterus”

I had a 5 month period.

It hurt a lot.

It cost me  a lot.

And nothing came of it.

If talk about periods / blood / vaginas etc. make you uncomfortable this is your cue to exit. I don’t mind that these things make you feel weird, everyone has their own line of what they are comfortable discussing and as it happens I just love talking about my period!

I had a 5 month period. I was on Cerelle and had been for a few years and hadn’t had a period in that time, and had no bleeding or spotting at all for that time. Then all of a sudden I started spotting, spotting turned to bleeding, and that bleeding did. not. stop.

I was in pain most (but not all) of the time. I was spending a fortune on pads, panty liners and tampons. I couldn’t predict which period product I would need on any given day – one day I would bleed through a tampon, the next day it would be almost dry when it came out. I felt sick most mornings and would sometimes throw up. Throwing up happens on day 2 of my period now, but that’s only once a month rather than more frequently and at unpredictable times. I knew it wasn’t healthy. For a while I did nothing.

At the time I was studying abroad in the USA and wasn’t sure how the healthcare system really worked or what my insurance entitled me to. Because of this, I left it. I know I shouldn’t have but I was confused and in a foreign country and my beloved NHS would be free if it didn’t stop in 2 months time when I was home.

It didn’t stop.

As well as all the aforementioned complaints I was also burning my skin with heating pads to try to take away the pain, sometimes it worked, other times not so much.

When I got back to the U.K. I had been bleeding for about 4 months but still didn’t do anything about it. I was making up more excuses and putting off going to the GP. It was only when my mum asked why we were going through so many tampons and pads that she forced me to see a doctor.

I was given a drug to stop the bleeding and told to take it until it stopped which it did after a few days – and then it came back and went away again a few more times and a few more rounds of medication later. I was also sent for a sexual health screening and an ultrasound of my reproductive system.

The screening was fine. All good in that respect.

The ultrasound was also fine. But I wasn’t.

Though I did enjoy seeing the image of my uterus and ovaries on the screen – it was fascinating to me – I felt like absolute crap.

I was handed a piece of paper to take back to my GP. It had a still image of the scan, complete with measurements of each ovary and one line of text:

“Unremarkably Sturdy Uterus”.

I felt like I had wasted NHS time and resources. I felt like I was going crazy. I was worried people would think I was making this up. I was pissed off because the long ol’ bleed had stopped which meant there was no proof anymore. I started a regular cycle for the first time in years and each month the symptoms got worse. The medical portion of proceedings was over,  but I had no answers.

I still have no answers. I throw up every month. My back hurts. I don’t sleep well the week before or after or during my period. I still burn my skin with heating pads to try and get rid of the pain. Even though my cycle is more regular, it seems to be getting worse every time and I am at a loss.

But at least I can be grateful that I have a “sturdy” uterus I guess.

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