By the Light of the Moon(Cup)

I had been toying with the idea of investing in a menstrual cup for quite some time before I finally took the plunge and got one.

Having been taking various forms of the contraceptive pill since I was 17 it had been almost 5 years since I’d had a regular period, or any period at all when I was on Cerelle, so I didn’t really see much point in buying (what I thought was) an expensive period product.  Now, after having some issues with the pill I’m off it completely, my periods are far more regular, I have figured out the length of my cycle (thanks to 2 Apps- Clue and Eve), and I have figured out how much I spend a year on period products. The £121.80 I spend a year puts into perspective the affordability of the MoonCup – just £20.

I decided to go with the MoonCup brand – there were stickers for them on the back of a few toilet doors around campus, and I did some research on their website and liked their ethics. I’m under 30 and have never had children so the recommended cup size for me was size B.

As a tampon gal I had assumed putting the cup in would be no big deal. But you know what they say about assumptions. After boiling it up  in a newly designated pan and letting it cool down, I proudly announced to my housemate that it was time to get it in. With hindsight I probably should have waited to not be on my period so take it for a test drive, oops!

After 15 minutes no luck. Exiting the bathroom my housemate laughed at my disappointment and defeat. I grabbed my phone, watched the instructional video and tried the second method of folding and…


Getting it out a few hours later was a painful ordeal. It felt like my uterus was being ripped out because I didn’t pinch long enough, so the cup re-suctioned. I only cried a little bit, but the more I’ve practised the easier it has become.

It’d be a lie to say that I’m looking forward to next month and trying it again, but I’m not *not* looking forward to a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable way of dealing with my period.



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